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I will look at this CAL. Please test your jet quantity before start injecting in the engine. The MF2 uses incoming RPM and pressure signals from the sensors in the engine bay and compares them with a pre-programmed map set by the user. This is a photo of the actual car that this document is based on Welcome to SwedeSpeed You’re currently browsing Swedespeed as a guest. Yeah, as I astute Just be on mf2 injector Mf2 Its. If you can’t, use key on 12v. Looks good, but do you really need to use GPC 12?

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Now water injection should not be active below Aquamist mf2 injector driver – Aquamist mf2 injector driver.

MF2 injector driver This small controller will go beyond what any EPROM chip can ever dream of it can control four high impedance injectors to flow enough fuel for. The only need for the blue wire is stop it injecting below the pressure switch’s set manifold pressure in systems where the green wire gets it’s feed direct from the injetcor wire. In your case you are using a GPC table to simulate the duty cycle, therefore a setting of ‘0’ should stop injection.

When the existing power-chip can no longer give you more fuel because of the limitation of the fuel-injector But with the MF2 system, your tuning will be. It is normally fitted to the vacuum side of the inlet manifold 2D mode.

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For GPC 13 you could delete the ” load site and then inserted a ” load site and set the whole row to ‘0’. In addition, it has diagnostic circuitry designed to detect blocked water-jets and cut pipes.

I still have my old HSV but I will need to test it. Last edited by Hyper ; February 9th, Ijjector is a wonderful staff, but that isnt mappable you use since you would have to p the host mf2 the score. You can completely custom made your table and not only mimic the injectors duty.

Aquamist Water Methanol Injection Kit Mf2 AEM COOLINGMIST

Looks good, but do you really need to use GPC 12? This way you can actually watch how the system is working. A special output link from the ECU can inform other systems in the event of a fault condition, so boost-pressure can be lowered to minimise engine damage.

Technical help Q A. For applications where load signal throttle angle sensor or manifold absolute pressure sensor MAP sensor are available, the MF2 can read these signals and perfom 3-D mapping functions. Like Us On FBtxt: MF2 MF2 is the brain of the system, ultimately responsible for the vital functions of metering the water delivery rate.


Previous 1 2 Next. Please test your jet quantity before start injecting in the engine. Login or Sign Up Log in with. Just for reference, when I was using the Aquamist old style pump jnjector the HSV as above on a customer car, I only used the pump, the HSV, the manifold pressure switch 2 – 10 barand an accumulator.


This way anything below kpa and there should be no water injection. The relay would then send a ground to pin C2, if the failsafe is triggered. Last edited by frotou ; February 9th, Below is a wiring diagram I made for the pump and manifold pressure switch.

RotorSports water injection Aquamist

I am also trying to figure out how to feed my SM4 with input signal from Aquamist failsafe orange which is apparently ground triggered Yeah, as I astute Just be on mf2 injector Mf2 Its.

If you don’t have a water flow meter, you can xquamist test this by running the water injection nozzle to a clear plastic container. Looked over the cal. What you can do to check your GPC output before use it is to wire it to a little DEL and look if it open at desired moment.

It would save you an output if you don’t. Mf2 mappable injector driver. Author Write something about yourself.

Same goes for rpm, edit the 0 rpm site toand again enter all ‘0’ for that column.