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Insert a floppy disk that contains the original or the latest BIOS file for this motherboard. When set to Auto, the data transfer from and to the device occurs multiple sectors at a time if the device supports multi-sector transfer feature. The read or write activities of any device connected to the primary or secondary IDE connector cause this LED to light up. Before you install or remove any component, ensure that the ATX power supply is switched off or the power cord is detached from the power supply. If an item is user- configurable, you may change the value of the field opposite the item.

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Main For changing the basic asstek configuration Advanced For changing the advanced system settings Power For changing the advanced power management APM configuration Boot For changing the system boot configuration Exit For selecting the exit options and loading default settings To select an item on the menu bar, press the right or left arrow key on the keyboard until the desired item is highlighted.

P4P | ASUS Global

This jack connects to external audio output devices. You can also restart by turning the system off and then back on.

Take note of the specific connector colors as described. From your Windows desktop, click on Start, then select My Computer.

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The minimum recommended wattage is W for a fully configured system. Detailed descriptions of the BIOS parameters are aeustek provided. Turn on the system and change the necessary BIOS settings, if any. The LED lights up when you turn on the system power, and blinks when the system is in sleep mode. After connecting one end to the motherboard, connect the other end to the floppy drive.


ASUS P4P800S – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i848P Series

ICH5 supports a maximum of six 6 devices using these OS. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket before touching any component. It’s a community-based project axustek helps to repair anything. Insert asustke floppy disk that contains the original or the latest BIOS file for this motherboard.

Select Disabled if you do not wish to display the detected temperatures. It includes brief descriptions of the motherboard components, and illustrations of the layout, jumper settings, and connectors.

If you made changes to fields other than system date, system time, and password, the BIOS asks for a confirmation before exiting. B – supports on pair of modules inserted into either the slots as one pair of Dual-channel memory configuration. Product warranty or service will not be extended aaustek Find the proper orientation and push down firmly until the connectors completely fit.

This item appears only when the Parallel Port Address is not Disabled. If possible, disconnect all power cables from the existing system before you add a device. Refer to the corresponding sections for details on asutsek utilities. The contents of the support CD are subject to change at any time without notice.


BIOS information After you have set a supervisor password, the asustwk items appear to allow you to change other security settings. The ultra-fast MHz memory bus delivers the required bandwidth for the latest 3D graphics, multimedia, and Internet applications. When the BIOS update process is complete, reboot the system.

To change the value of a field, select it then press Enter to display a list of options. Setting to Auto allows the system to detect the presence of USB devices at startup. Connect the COM2 cable to this connector and install the bracket on an available slot in the rear panel of the chassis. Do either one of the following to create a bootable floppy disk.

Enables USB host controllers.

ASUS P4P800S-X – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i848P Series

When a corrupted BIOS is detected, the following screen message appears. If an invalid ratio is set in CMOS, the actual and setpoint values may differ. Optional Documentation Your product package may include optional documentation, such as warranty flyers, that may have been added by your dealer. From the Open box, type D: These are not jumpers!