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Even following a schematic exactly can yield very different results due to how grounds are routed, etc. The microphone is connected to the MIC input on channel one of the mixer, the XLR cables are used to connect from the mixer MAIN outputs to the speakers, and the headphones are connected to one the headphone jacks on the mixer. I think that might be part of the problem with the new drivers – the Website doesn’t say , only I’m pondering a laptop based rig without any other batteries, and your review thrashed the uDAC 2 so thorougly, I’m looking at the Behringer UCA instead. If it works after these steps, and you are sure that you absolutely need the possibly lower latency that JACK provides, you can then always go and try using the device again using JACK.

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I did anything i can imagine. Would there really be a noticible differnce switching back and forth blind?

So to my question: Install and run pavucontrol a GUI tool to see if anything is muted Then also run alsamixer from a terminal to check any other channels. The user manual doesn’t tell much about this feature, and an extensive Google search turned out nothing for me about the optical output except for what is already described in Behringer’s sepcifications: Find all posts by Dism. Both require DSP and licensing. It’s a subtle difference but it sounds more natural.

Last Drivers  V9400-X/TD/64M/A DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Then, if there’s something you don’t understand, come back and we’ll be happy to help.

Behringer USB Interface UCA 200

There are now much better audio interfaces. Anonymous January 23, at 9: Many years ago Behringer came out with bwhringer looked like a clone of a popular power amplifier used in recording studios—The Alesis RA I’ve got a use for one a little off the beaten path and thought I’d ask you if you think it will suit my needs. The Behringer UCA would seem to suit my requirements perfectly.

The UCA can’t convert from analog to digital in the way you want. I had this interface with my mixer ” Behringer Xenyx FX.

As for the mythical “IEC ohm” headphones, do you have an example of an audiophile-grade semi-popular current production headphone that specifically states it’s designed for a ohm output impedance? I really doubt at that low of level there’s anything specific to the Polk speakers that uda200 “upsetting” the amps.

Getting a Behringer UCA to work with Reaper . . . . . – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Send a private message to WKG. The over inflated prices for the udac2 in Europe makes the beringer seem even more worthwhile. The DAC1 is well past the point of diminishing returns in terms of sound quality.

As a musician, audiophile, audio engineer, and electrical engineer too many hats, I knowI appreciate that good sounding audio equipment will measure well in the lab and vice versa. After few days of hope Before they came along, companies like Mackie had plenty of customers willing behronger pay premium prices for their gear. Audio interface to bshringer mixer.


I believe the answer is yes to both, but I like to run this by some people that know before I spend the money. The distortion measurements include all frequencies up to 22 Khz.

I’d rather have more than the two inputs the mbox 2 has. Some ucx200 use various kinds of digital or electronic stepped analog volume controls to avoid this problem. For me the real gold in your article is that if I read you correct this is a perfect adequate DAC to play my PC over my Hi-Fi and hopefully more amunition for those of us for good sound but against snake oil.

Behringer U-Control UCA and UCA I/F – Home Recording forums

However when I add a dvd player at the RCA input, there is no output from optical output. Yeah, the Behringer is dead silent with the HD, you should be happy with it.

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