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Not sure how current they are but I sometimes find going back to older tech makes for an easier intro to newer tech. We looked at the details of the CH and CH way back in Given the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi, it seems that something reasonable to wish for, would be a USB dongle with a raspberry-pi style pin header, standard hat mounting holes and kernel driver support to make it software compatible That way any computer could run programs that assume the standard Raspberry Pi GPIO setup. Suffices to say, I had a few pretty severe crashes with their chipset and gave up. Shame they pissed off everybody with their driver shenanigans. Your Linux system probably has all the tools you need and, if not, they are a package manager command away. This is trivial to solve, just make the IP address configurable separately.

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Not sure how current they are but I sometimes find going cp2310 to older tech makes for an easier intro to newer tech. Your Linux system probably has all the tools you need and, if not, they are a package manager command away.

As far as I can see, you need to close the old file descriptor and create a new one with the new direction.

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If you wire it up to a PIC programmer then it identifies itself as a 18F14K50 but with locked out flash. This site uses Akismet cp22130 reduce spam. This kind of thing kills rational discourse, especially discourse over important things. I find that unlikely. Not a good idea. Since they c2130 sold below market price, I suspect they paid for a batch to be made with the stolen IP from Microchip.


Never do business again in china. Seriously, compared to some things we see on this site, that board looks professional. Not a great design but worked well enough.

This is the question I had as well, and it is answered on the linked github https: I guess I have to learn how to use the linxu port on these redpills.

There was a time when USB to serial hardware meant one company: It has shortcomings, but it supports customization, so you can build on it as required for your application. I had bad experiences with a CH or 41?

If that cp21300 the host will lose network connectivity. You have to use Google translate to track it down from the Chinese web, but they are supported.

The WCH Windows drivers, based on some of their unintended side-behaviors, appear to be genuinely written by themselves or a contracted consulting company, etc. I think they even have 16F class micro with native USB interface. Programming parallel devices such as GALs and PROMs will be annoying just because of the oddball programming voltages needed for a lot of them. Prolific might have actually been okay, but from what I heard, the market has been swamped with poor quality clones, limux they tried too hard to deliberately reject with their drivers.

cp linux kernel driver

Why even the basic ones need a complete CPU? I have one here which I want to hook up to the Z80 bus on the RC Never mind actually going after a chinese company internally with political connections you dont get big in china without political connections for wrong doing in the global market.


And for some reason, I saw this Lunux and had to go through the same process.

The character-device based interface that one should use now is a helluva lot faster in many ways, ccp2130 e. Have you looked at the CP? For example, he did a speed test that was this simple: According to these there exist at least the following vendor requests: Learn how your comment data is processed.

Once there though, it is easy to manipulate the pins using a shell script or anything that can write to the virtual files corresponding to the GPIO pins. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Why are most of the programmers of Linuc chips are so complicated?

I think the problem is that the character device way still needs to make its way into libraries and tutorials — hopefully, it happens soon! As for the character device interface, how exactly do you change a pin from input to output and back?