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What is the difference between setting accuracy, programming accuracy, measurement accuracy, and front panel accuracy? Are Keysight power products tested for IP2X compliance? Is there a difference between Keysight, Agilent, and HP labelled units? Can I mount my power supply in a test rack that is tilted at an angle? Why am I getting errors when I use RS?

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Why is this so? Can I mount my power supply in a test rack that is tilted at an angle? Can I connect the sense lqbview without connecting the output leads? When the EA series measures the output of the power supply, is the measurement actually done on the sense leads or the output itself? How do I restore my E power supply to the factory default settings?

What is the difference between programming accuracy and readback accuracy? Why is the RS interface not working? Can I use my unit in a corrosive environment? How do I determine how fast a step my power supply can make? What programming language does the Keysight EA series offer?


Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hpe364xa Power Supply

What is the procedure to clear instrument memory for security reasons? Can I feed current back into my E series power supply? Why is the readback accuracy different than the meter accuracy? Can the E series power supplies sink current like a load? What is the LabView command response time for the E36xx series?

How do you calculate programming and readback accuracy for a DC power supply? What is the proper way to wire a power supply? How do I labvie the front panel to update the measurement e3640q on my E unit when I am in remote mode?

What does Error mean? Do Keysight power supplies support CAN bus? Is there simple software available to program my power supply? How can I isolate the output of my E series power supply?

Does Keysight offer a power product with analog input programming and polarity reversal e640a How high can the outputs of the EA series be floated? Can I damage my E series power supply if I use it to charge a battery?

Do the EA power supplies have fan cooling? Can I read the serial number or assign my E power supply a name in order to recognize it? What types of output connections are allowed on the EA series power supplies? Where can I find calibration certificates for my instrument? What is the settling time for the ExA supplies? Are Keysight Technologies’ power supplies certified by a third-party?


How do I output a negative voltage?

BFFA with the hpeA getting start example – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

What is meant by measurment accuracy specs in the format 0. Are there any limitations with automating a power supply using Linux?

For the ExA and ExA Bench Power Supply, the display update speed when the “Display Limit” function is on is different from the display update speed when the function is off. Are EA power supplies targeted oabview benchtop or system applications?