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If I see a duplicate here I will try to remove it One last question. I tried alsamixer as root at console: Purging configuration files for volumeicon-alsa Thanks for the update. Here is what I ran and the results:

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Run the following, and post any errors. After this operation, kB disk space will be freed. Select all no soundcards I haven’t used irc in forever. Select all alsa force-unload.

Loading ALSA sound driver modules: Select all [ 9. Thanks Eino for the clear concise instructions. I have to be honest.

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Select all alsa reload. Done Building dependency tree Reading state information Select all apt-get install alsa-base alsa-utils build-essential Reading package lists Select all adduser yourusername audio. Please note You may need to reinstall the driver, If, and when you do a kernel update. But it was in the ALSA driver matrix.


ESS ES Allegro Sound Driver for Windows XP Download

No such es198 or directory According to searching on google, the ESS Technology ES Allegro-1 audio controller is also called an Maestro-3 so I did a dmesg to see if it got loaded during boot. After this operation, kB of additional disk space will be used.

Purging configuration files for alsa-base Do you mean internet relay chat irc or does the acronym IIrc stand for something else. TIs the season to be wrestling linux. No such file or directory ALSA lib confmisc. If I see a duplicate here I will try to remove it One last question.

ESS ES1988 Allegro PCI AudioDrive 7130

Processing triggers for man-db So I was doing a little research and someone mentioned a sound utility called alsaconf. GNU checking dependency style of gcc I downloaded pithos before I tried the sound and it was showing me an odd error which is when I realized I had no sound and was hoping the sound issue fixed pithos which it did.


No such file or directory and tried the console version amixer and it returned: I was able to move the volume level up though.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response I tried posting a moment ago and it didn’t seem to post. Selecting previously unselected package alsa-base.

Select all ALSA lib confmisc. Select all null Discard all samples playback or generate zero samples capture. Select all wget http: Done alsa-base is already the newest version.

The driver has copyrights on it with license issues auvio yet settled.