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Great for studio produced mixtapes. The table is not rack and a highest DJM. I even updated the program to the latest 1. So do not count on it to send or receive sync As least, I would say the headphone jack in front, which complicates the rack.

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Keith LeviathanMar 25, The filters sound really good – I’m now convinced that all mixers should have a filter sections. Cuts are sharp and clear, with no laggy feeling whatsoever. There is all that is, little more than a firewire port for my traktor scratch pro. When we used to mix cbler a table, no problem. The only issue I could see with it is that once you apply a little pressure perpendicular to its direction of travel, the movement becomes impeded noticeably particularly if pushing upwards.

There is no contouring or reverses available for the linefaders – they all have a normal linear sounding profile across their travel length.

A Gemini UMX In the end, I am still wondering In the preferences of Traktor: HippieApr 7, The audio contouring doesn’t sound stepped and the sharpest cut reaches full volume in under 2mm. I think a spot of fader lube would help somewhat for users who find this a problem when scratching.


Not muddy and flabby, but a nice powerful presence – very enjoyable to listen to. It is a box at any time make a PC connected to: Great for studio produced mixtapes. You probably assuming you bought yours used and it was made in No, create an account now.

Hi there guys, I’ve been looking around for help on this in this forum, in the Knowledgebase and mzckie but no luck. The crossfader contour is adjustable from a sharp cut through to a 3dB dipped profile, though interestingly the rotary control for the contour mackue to have separate zones for the adjustment.

Each of the PGM strips has a push button switch at its input connectors that allows you to select maciie the audio is tapped off from.

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Pro if you could get the full virtual mixtape mode that all Rane TTMSL users have been waiting for and is yet to arrive. Try setting all 4 channels to firewire on the mixer then load a track nackie each deck in Traktor and click play on each deck, to see if it does anything and if it’s playing back to the correct channels.

Here’s what I’ve done. In audio terms, the EQ sounds great – almost perfectly suited to traditional dj use and has full kills.

I forgot to say that I had problems with a laptop that had a 4 pin firewire connector. I have the mixer line set to phono pushed in. We never got our hands on the original d2, but given that Rodec had to optimise the response time of the Infinium mackis the Scratchbox – there was always a worry that a poorly implemented Infinium could be troublesome for fast pto.


I have been in contact with Vangelis from NI and he has been really helpful. Not perfect, but half-way there.

We first caught a glimpse of the d4 way back in Peoso there has been a hefty wait for the real production models to start shipping. An application, two vinyl timecode, timecode cd The sound is just incredible!

Mackie d.4 Pro – Four Channel DJ Mixer D.4 PRO B&H Photo Video

You can find this year’s holiday gift right here. Drivers were smoothly installed and not one audio drop-out or weird behaviour since. This would allow discreet multi-track recording whilst making a mix with audio sourced from timecode software.

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