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The modem is capable is transmitting up to 1 Gigabit, so the Mbps contracted are being received and passed on to the computers, yet the one with the ASUS P7P55D Pro board only seems to accept Mbps, in spite of its original components offer something else. Also, it depends on the router. Can’t find your answer? Inbedded Realtek LAN controller not. It depends on the cable.

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Drivers were updated directly from Realtek. As the second computer shows no problem and detects the Mbpsm the ISP is not giving me the work around.

Inbedded Realtek LAN controller not

Ask a new question. My second computer works perfectly at Mbps. More about problem realtek lan controller. More about inbedded realtek lan controller.

Inbedded Realtek LAN controller not – Components – Tom’s Hardware

Can’t find your answer? Through Windows or directly from Realtek? Everything seems in order.


The only other thing I can recommend is to switch the cables around. Even techs from my ISP came around to check and all their work got them to the Mbps. Also, it depends on the router.

Have you ran a speedtest at speedof. What are you connecting the controller to? Whenever I ran into that problem the cause was a bad Ethernet cable, but in your case it’s different because switching the cable makes no difference and the modem still detects it at Mbps.

Problem with Realtek LAN controller

As you mention, is that both – the on-board Lan and the D-limk are detected only as Gigabiy. Express Adapter, with same results: Are both connected PCs in the same room? It is exactly as you say. If the switch or router port is Mbps, then you can’t expect more than that. Also did you try safe mode with networking?

Realtek PCIe Gigabit Ethernet 10//M Network Driver Driver – TechSpot

Herc08 May 5, Is this computer connected directly to the router? If their connection status displays Mbps, then they can’t download at Mbps. Using the same Ethernet cable, if you connect one computer gigabti the modem, it’s status displays 1. I generally prefer Cat 6. Inbedded Realtek LAN controller not.


Thanks a lot anyway. You will need at least CAT5e.

Updateed drivers dierctly from Realtek. GhislainG May 5, GhislainG May 5,3: Must be something else within the MB that I am overlooking Express Adapter, with same results: Can’t find your answer?